Friday, 16 October 2009

Marmotte Christmas Card Final Design

Alterations made to text on tail, because I will be printing it at such a small size A6 I needed to make the text clearer. I also added more brown to the design to balance it out. Makes it bolder and improves the composition I think.. hee hee


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Marmotte Christmas Card Design

Marmotte Yodeling
I know its not a book, but Im thinking I may use this character in a little series (booky)
Im going to hand screen print a load of these at A6 to make xmas cards.
Because its going to be printed very small I didnt want to over complicate it as that would be tricky to print neatly. I need them to be neat and tidy so people will buy them. I decided not to use an overlap as the brown and blue make a mucky green puddle colour and I wanted to try a more regimented design. I will be doing overlap in my next poster though.
would like to know what you guys think?
thanks Daisy

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