Thursday, 21 April 2011

Best Ears

Your my favourite because of your cuddles!

doodles for the upcoming Daze-Ray exhibition at the here and now in Falmouth!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Urban Outfitters Feature and Toaster Friends

and check me out on urban outfitters! This was done last year when I live in Birmingham, pretty late going up but yay pretty cool! even if the work and photos are a tad dated.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Girls Who Draw Magic Show!

Unicorn Furry Costume!

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Magic Unicorn Screen Print Poster

Daze-Ray Best prints!

Picto Plasma 'The Missing Link' YETI
Yay my yeti was one of a 100 chosen out of over 1000 depictions of the yeti to go up on display at the PictoPlasma Character Design Festival Berlin!
Im so Happy


Super Daze-Ray Universe

for the marvellous melon shrub launch part exhibit!

colour me character totum

Syvanian Families, Llamas and Pumkins! I WANT

Studio Sweet Studio downloadable wallpaper for studio sweet studios website launch.

Frinton Press Wrapping Paper

10cm repete pattern. funny faces

doing up out tiny flat!

my box room before and amazing den after!

I could be a hair dresser...maybe not

I gave my younger sister a rather drastic hair cut! haha! she loves it though, I wish I could pull it off.