Thursday, 23 September 2010

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Basic logo image and text components for my section on the Arck website. The whole logo will be printed on the canvas bags in the colour combination ordered, the text will be printed on the inside behind your neck as where a brand label would be.
Black and white one will be used for this venture, I did some coloured ones for my own website.

What do you think?

Thanks Daisy

T.shirts get em while they're hot!

Bubbles, Uncle Snouse, Lamb and Hoot

Second colour option, as the amount of colour was overpowering the line work as the colours used on the T.shirts are very bright and bold not so pastel and subtle as my original designs.

These designs are now up on the Arck website available to purchase for £19.99 - £5.00 per T.shirt sold goes to me: T.shirt colours: grey, white or black in a variety of men's and women's sizes. There are 14 different colour options and for £1.99 extra you get a small canvas tote with my logo on! - scroll down to Exclusives and click on 'White Wolf'

This has been a great little project for me to do over Easter gaining further experience in professional practice and promoting. The characters I chose to use as designs are characters form my main project so everything ties in nicely. I also used 3 of them in the Urban Outfitters Wallpaper (soon to be up on the web)

Listen to your Snouse

Taking my snouses further in the form of T.shirt designs for company Arck,
A man called Andrew from new company Arck emailed me for some t.shirt designs quite a while ago when I was in the middle of my dissertation, I got round to sending him some over Easter and Im very happy with the results.

These were my original designs as he asked for 4 black and white with a hint of colour.

p.s. a snouse is someone who lives on ya scalp and gives you advice generally a cheery fellow.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Urban Outfitters wallpaper!

Urban Outfitters emailed me and interviewed me over email for the Birmingham page on their 'City pages' section of their website. It's not up yet but will be soon. They then asked me if I could do a free downloadable wallpaper for the website, and although I have a lot on I said yes, here it is! Funnily enough it took quite along time to complete colours and line qualities were tricky. I'm hoping they like it and will let you know when it goes up for grabs on the site. They didnt really give me any strict guidelines, asking me to do it in my own style but fit it in with the brand. I have re-used my 'Snouse' characters for this to tie in with my major project. The colour pallet is inspired by Urban Outfitters retro accessories (the clocks and cameras and such).

So what do you think??? xx daisy xx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Leeds 13 Contemporary Artist's Book Fair

12th to 13th March Me and Sarah travelled to Leeds for this spectacular book fair. We had a lovely time and sold lots of stuff, hooray!

Sarah on our table happy birdy!

My work on our lovely table!

Epson Ink Cartridges

The lovely people at epson printing have featured me on their website, for great deals on ink cartridges check em out here:
Epson Ink Cartridges


Saturday, 6 February 2010


Me and Murray Collaboration Project!
Jewellery Quarter shop front on the main street needs Daze-Ray POWER! ha ha
we are not sure what to call ourselves any ideas?
A beautiful colourful vinal will hang in the window promoting the quarter- (the window is opposite the museum of the Jewellery Quarter) It will be a mish mash of mine and Murrays work, our styles will hopefully intertwine wonderfully and create something truly RAD.
will keep ya posted! Im very excited about this project.
check out Murray's stuff here: dinos, monsters and toasters!
see yar Daisy xx

Lancashire Zine, Artist Book + Multiples Fair

Selling work from ABC Artist Book Collective in Preston
Run by Craig Atkinson of Cafe Royal

Sunday, 24 January 2010

A1 Screen Printed Posters

An A1 3 colour poster we have printed 'Let It Grow', notice how the 4th colour (green) is created by overlap. ooo!
These posters were made using a 'cut out' method instead of computer printing on acetate. Gives them a rough 'hand made' quality, but does take some time in preparation.
These are up for sale so contact me if ya at all interested £15 for 'Let it Grow' £25 for 'Wa Wa Dog'
Swapsies may be possible!
Cheerio Daisy