Sunday, 21 March 2010

Urban Outfitters wallpaper!

Urban Outfitters emailed me and interviewed me over email for the Birmingham page on their 'City pages' section of their website. It's not up yet but will be soon. They then asked me if I could do a free downloadable wallpaper for the website, and although I have a lot on I said yes, here it is! Funnily enough it took quite along time to complete colours and line qualities were tricky. I'm hoping they like it and will let you know when it goes up for grabs on the site. They didnt really give me any strict guidelines, asking me to do it in my own style but fit it in with the brand. I have re-used my 'Snouse' characters for this to tie in with my major project. The colour pallet is inspired by Urban Outfitters retro accessories (the clocks and cameras and such).

So what do you think??? xx daisy xx

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome but would possibly give some people ice cream esque epileptic fits...which is fine as ice cream is sweet, so win win! It's ALWAYS gonna be a 50/50 outcome, ha!