Saturday, 6 February 2010


Me and Murray Collaboration Project!
Jewellery Quarter shop front on the main street needs Daze-Ray POWER! ha ha
we are not sure what to call ourselves any ideas?
A beautiful colourful vinal will hang in the window promoting the quarter- (the window is opposite the museum of the Jewellery Quarter) It will be a mish mash of mine and Murrays work, our styles will hopefully intertwine wonderfully and create something truly RAD.
will keep ya posted! Im very excited about this project.
check out Murray's stuff here: dinos, monsters and toasters!
see yar Daisy xx


  1. Hi, I bought your little pack with a badge, print and seeds today at the Alternative Press Fair in London, and it's really beautiful. Not to mention a really nice idea!

  2. oh thank you! That makes me very happy! Were you selling stuff too? I will be at the Leeds one next, should be a good one. :) x

  3. oo Iam a fan of your pigeon press, I would be very interested in contributing some illustrations if there are any going?
    here is website if you would like to check it out:
    Im hoping to get it re-done soon x